Sporting Start – Visit to Escrick & Hemingborough Primary Schools.


After Joe’s visit in 2015, Amy was asked to make a return visit as Swim Swift Elite to 2 different Primary schools up near York, working with Sporting Start who aim to ‘Empower Children through Sport’. The purpose of the trip was to encourage students to become involved with sport & physical activity in an attempt to enthuse, enliven, & empower children towards success, whatever that may look like for them. Not all students were necessarily ‘sporty’ by nature, but through Sporting Starts programme that had identified each student as possibly benefitting from being involved in sport in some way, many had found that playing an important role within a team & trying something new & energetic has given them the opportunity to shine & boosted their confidence. Amy gave an inspirational talk to students at each school & was part of an after-school group where a mixture of students from each school came together to talk about how the programme had helped them, what further activities they would like to be a part of, & voluntary services they could offer to sporting groups in the area, and their schools.