Swim Coaches Camps

Coaches Camps With Joe & Amy

Swim Coaches Camps

Innovative Training For Swimming Coaches

The world’s best coaches must be firm in their principles but have an open-minded approach to learning, and should always be looking to add to their knowledge.

These camps are specifically designed to develop coaches’ technical skills, understanding of ever changing theories, and allow you an insight into new ideas to keep your sessions engaging. They will help you to develop your swimmers with the most efficiency.

We will also hear from guest speakers who are experts in their fields, you will be able to gather all of this knowledge, discuss and exchange ideas with other coaches, and take these ideas back into your home programmes.

All coaches will leave this Continual Professional Development (CPD) course with a certificate of recognition.

The course will be suitable for club level coaches and all support staff alike.

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” Loughborough Swimming is delighted to have established a partnership with Swim Swift Elite that will see the enhanced delivery of technical development across all squads and athletes in the team.

With swimming being a technically driven sport, the ability for athletes of all ages to improve efficiency, reduce drag and increase propulsion is fundamental to getting faster. The expertise that Swim Swift Elite can bring to our programme, working in collaboration with our coaches and support staff, will undoubtedly have a positive impact on the results we can achieve.

Joe and Amy are both Loughborough alumni and so it is a perfect fit to have them involved in the development of the next generation of Loughborough University swimmers.”

FAQ’s About Joe & Amy

Joe: I began swimming around 6 yrs old at learn to swim classes.

Amy: I was still scared of water aged 7 so it was after this my parents decided I should have swimming lessons to be safe.

Joe: Holding a Commonwealth record and qualifying for the Olympic Games.

Amy: Making it to the Olympics had always been something that I dreamed of, but when I was younger I never expected to get there. Competing at the Olympic Games was definitely one of my biggest sporting achievements. Alongside this, my international individual bronze medal in the 100m Freestyle at the European short course championships in 2011 was a massive achievement for me.

Joe: My parents, would have been impossible to do without their support at a young age. As a senior my coach Ian Armiger at Loughborough Uni.

Amy: My parents were also a fantastic influence on my career. They wanted me to do something I loved and never pushed me more than I wanted to be pushed, but were supportive with whatever decisions I made in my career. I couldn’t have done it without them.

Joe : Randy Couture (UFC Hall of Famer)

Amy: When I was young I enjoyed watching Alison Sheppard MBE swim. She was a British and Scottish swimmer that went to 5 Olympic Games and swam the events that I swam. More recently, I think Natalie Coughlin is a great role model. She is an American swimmer who had won 12 Olympic Medals, and at the age of 32 she obviously loves swimming. She does everything right and is very professional, and reaps the rewards for it.

Joe: Odd question always asked by young swimmers. I blame Ian Thorpe! UK size 11

Amy: Not usually one that female swimmers get asked so much, but I am a size 8.

Joe: I enjoyed tennis and athletics when growing up. Now an avid MMA (Mixed Martial Arts) fan.

Amy: I don’t religiously follow any other sport, but I love watching most other sports. Especially athletics and gymnastics.

Joe: Rotherham Metro

Amy: Kidderminster Swimming Club, which later merged with Stourport Swimming Club to form what is still known as Wyre Forest Swimming Club.

Joe: 200 IM

Amy: My favourite event tends to change, and it can depend on how well I am doing at it at the time! Most of the way through my career, my favourite events have been the 50m and 100m freestyle, although I always thought the 200m freestyle was a brilliant event to watch with all of the pacing and tactics involved, and I always wished I was better at it. Towards the end of my career I enjoyed having a change, and the 50m butterfly became my most enjoyable event.

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