Wellingborough A.S.C.


We were also back to Wellingborough this September to visit many of the swimmers at the club for the 3rd time. Thank you very much for inviting us back. J

This time, we worked with 4 groups for an hour each on touch turns. This is a great skill to improve as it is used so much in swimming. It is used for Breaststroke, Butterfly, and during the Individual medley events, so to make it quicker and more efficient can have a huge overall impact on your swimming in general. There were some unusual drills to try, but all became clear once we explained how they relate to the full turn. Again, coaches and parents became part of the session and were welcomed onto poolside to help with certain aspects of the session.

Thank you again for hiving us at the club Craig, and everyone at Wellingborough SC! We hope to see you soon.