Abingdon camp 2017

Abingdon camp 2017We’re always happy whenever we are able to run our swim camps at Abingdon School. We were sold out for the 2nd year (so make sure you get your names down quick for future camps!). A great bunch of swimmers attended on both days a pleasure to work with them in and out of the pool. All 4 strokes were analysed over the 2 days as well as Team building, Core strengthening, Activations, Dynamic power, Circuit training, Goal setting, Race strategies, How to deal with nerves, & Inspiration!

Everyone that came left with key focus points that they are able to take back into their own training to be able to maximise their improvements and swimming performance. Everything ran as smoothly as possible, it was a busy couple of days and everyone left tired and smiling!



Wombourne Swimming Club

How great to be invited to Wombourne for 2 weekends!

During the pool sessions we were asked to cover Freestyle, Backstroke, Dives, flip turns and help the guys work on some weaknesses and think about their stroke and techniques in a different way. We also examined the mental aspects of training and competition and what it takes to be successful and a world class athlete. To begin the session on the 2nd week we also put the guys through their paces with a land training circuit taking exercises out of our own Olympic programmes and explaining and demonstration how to execute them correctly to assist their pool developments.


Independent Coach Education

I.C.E obviously agreed with us that Abingdon School has some great facilities and is an ideal place to host a swimming training day. This was another great opportunity for us to help explain and refine the complex and intricate techniques that are involved in swimming for teachers and coaches. Hopefully this way there will be some more up to date swim teaching and coaching occurring in UK and international schools. As always all who attended were very keen to learn as much as possible over the day and to get as much information from us as they can so that they are able to help their students and swimmers improve. Fantastic for us to work with some keen and driven adults. They even all got in the water and gave the drills a go!


The King’s High School for Girls – Warwick

Swim Swift Elite do not solely work with UK based swimming clubs, we have visited school swimming teams both nationally and internationally. So when The King’s High School for Girls asked us to work with their swimming team and said that they could do with some help with their Freestyle and Dives, we were happy to help!

The girls did a great job getting involved with everything that we asked them to do even if some of the technique ideas were very new to them. The visit was then completed with some swim specific land training exercises during an hour’s circuit training. All the girls were very keen for autographs and to talk to us before we left. We wish them good luck and hope that we’ll see them again in the future!


Norfolk ASA.

We were lucky enough to be invited to speak at Norfolk ASA regional development day in November about our journeys & experiences leading up to the London 2012 Olympic Games, and the trials, tribulations, and also fantastic highs we faced along the way. We spoke to around 25 swimmers, and some parents & coaches, hoping to motivate the young swimmers to shoot for the stars and not be afraid to do something different with the aim of reaching their goals. Best of luck to everyone there, we hope to see you all again in the future.


Independent Coach Education Day.

This was another new venture for us. When we were contacted to run a CPD course for teachers and coaches, helping them “update their subject knowledge and make lessons more relevant, varied and effective”. We analysed each stroke through a variety of drills and demonstrations which the teachers and coaches were encouraged to try in the water. These practical sessions were then followed up with some video analysis in the classroom, showing above and underwater videos of Amy and Joe demonstrating all four strokes, starts and turns, highlighting what makes each discipline as efficient as possible. We really enjoyed working with a different audience who all gave us thanks and brilliant feedback. We are already looking forward to future CPD course and a working relationship with Independent Coach Education!

The next course is Wednesday 18th January.

Follow this link for more info.


Hitchin Swimming Club.

November saw us pay our first of 5 visits to Hitchin Swimming Club. After video analysis with individuals, and chatting over the skills required for fast efficient Freestyle, we moved down to the pool to put some of the drills & skills into practice. As always, we look to break the stroke right down back to basics before building it back up again. It was great to be able to give the swimmers individual feedback and give them something to take away and use in day to day training. All 8 swimmers had a great session and were so attentive, and we look forward to seeing them again and progressing.


Splish Splash Swim School.


We were lucky enough to be invited to work with swimmers and teachers twice this week at Splish Splash swim school in Ashby. We looked at Freestyle with one group, and starts & tumble turns with the other. All swimmers pushed their boundaries to have a go at some new and sometimes difficult skills, but did it with a smile on their face. We also had a short classroom session where swimmers, teachers and parents were told all about our journeys towards the Olympic Games, with the opportunity to ask any questions they had. They heard about the ups and downs of our careers, and how the important thing is to work hard and believe in yourself!

Everyone got the chance to see Commonwealth, European, and World medals.

Our cheeks also got a good workout with plenty of photographs and selfies afterwards! Thank you for having us at Splish Splash, we had a blast!

leicester-sharks swimming club

Leicester Sharks Swimming Club

We recently visited swimmers at Leicester Sharks swimming club, where the focus was on starts from the block, and Freestyle technique. Every swimmer was so attentive and gave it 100% when trying out some new and exciting drills. We even got some parents and coaches involved! Swimmers were encouraged to ask any questions they had about the new drills, as well as asking any questions they had in the classroom. We looked at topics such as how to deal with nerves when racing, to our Olympic story, and we had lots of pictures at the end too. We loved working with everyone who attended, thank you for inviting us to your club.


malvern-swim-club-twists-and-starts class

Gloucestershire ASA 1 day Starts & Turns Swim Clinic – Malvern

This full day starts and turns masterclass went tremendously. We had swimmers from Bristol North, Gloucester, Cirencester, Cinderford, Dursley, Lydney, and Tewkesbury attend. The swimmers completed two pool sessions, a land training session, and were also given the fantastic opportunity to listen to the motivational journeys of both Joe and Amy during a classroom session. Every swimmer learnt many new skills, and had great fun at the same time. We would like to thank Gloucestershire ASA for inviting us to be part of these swimmers development, and also Malvern College for allowing us to use their fantastic facilities.

We look forward to day 2 with swimmers from the south of Gloucestershire at Millfield on the 14th of June!