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International Schools


International Schools

As athlete mentors, combined with our swimming expertise, we aim to impact your whole school by sharing our inspiring stories and delivering key messages during assemblies & with individual classes/groups.  We are committed to using the skills & experiences we have developed on our journeys to inspire young people to achieve their best. Feedback from previous visits has shown that not only does our delivery improve behaviours, but it also motivates, improves life skills, and increases engagement.

We would like to offer you the opportunity to have us work intensively with your swim team using the latest innovative training techniques in the pool and on land to improve your swimmer’s skills, understanding and confidence. Using live demonstrations, we aim to break down the intricacies of technique for each stroke using fun and imaginative drills before building up to full stroke again. This will be a fantastic opportunity for your school’s swim team as they are trained by two Olympic swimmers using training methods we have taken from our own Olympic training programmes. It will also leave a wonderful impression on the whole school community as we can work with primary children through to sixth formers alike!

For more information please email us. See our Swim Schools Poster Here


Consultancy Packages


Consultancy Package

We offer an in-depth package to swim clubs. This is more than a one-off masterclass, it is a series of visits over numerous weeks and months. The number and frequency of the visits can be tailored to suit each individual club. Each swimmer in the programme will have video footage analysed in advance by us, where we will look for the intricate details that we can improve in their technique. Each visit will begin with 1-1 attention as we sit down with the swimmers separately and go through their video footage together. We will then lead small groups in the pool working on key technique points & drills, individual to them, in order to achieve maximum benefit for each swimmer.

Each swimmer will leave with; video footage, an analysis sheet with their strengths & areas of improvement, drills & technique advice specific to them, having had a small group pool session roughly 8 swimmers to 2 Olympians for the maximum feedback!

This is a really focused package aimed at seriously improving the skills & abilities of swimmers who are looking to take their swimming to the next level!

For more information, prices & bookings please email.


Masterclass Club Visits



Two Olympians will visit your club and we will aim to share our knowledge of the sport, in particular, the techniques and tactics involved in each stroke, sprinting, starts & turns.
It also provides an opportunity for the younger generation of swimmers to meet and learn from International Athletes where we hope to inspire them.

Swimming can create countless prospects, and with the ‘Tokyo’ Olympics not far away, this is a great time to be involved in the sport!

Through our pool sessions, coaching, land-based training, classroom lectures, Q&A and autograph/photo opportunities.

You and your swimmers are guaranteed to leave feeling the benefits and being inspired!

Time: Flexible to meet your clubs needs.

Frequently a 2-hour pool session followed by a 1-hour classroom or land training session.

For more information, prices & bookings please email. If after your first fully priced Masterclass with us you would like to have more, we offer a discounted rate to those that would like to pre-book a series of 3 or more Masterclasses. email for more


Personal Appearances


Personal Appearances

The similarities between high performance success in the sporting and business worlds are many!

Having been some of the fastest swimmers in the world and competing around the globe at every level of major international competition, culminating with the London 2012 Olympic Games we have had an incredible sporting journey. During our visits we will share with you the highs and lows of been an elite athlete, and the demands and sacrifices required to make such a journey and deliver the very best of your potential. We will explain the psychology it takes to stand in front on 17,000 live fans and millions more around the world watching on television and handle the immense pressure.

Appearances have been requested for schools, swimming clubs, presentation evenings, conferences and awards ceremony’s.

One or more Olympic appearances can add something special and make an event unique and add prestige.

For more information, prices & bookings please email.




Video Analysis

Video analysis of technique is very useful for identifying and correcting inefficiencies in an athlete’s movement patterns.

With videos that you have provided us with after receiving a guide on how to capture these for the best analysis, a technical breakdown will be provided of your strokes and/or skills. Complete with annotation and narration.

We aim to not only identify any corrections that may be needed, but to explain how to make any necessary changes.




Gift Vouchers

Treat family and friends to a special gift from Swim Swim Elite.
Our gift vouchers can be used in full or partial payment for any of our services or merchandise.
The perfect gift for any swimming enthusiast.

Purchase e-vouchers valued at either – £25, £50 or for an ultimate experience of a complete two-day swim camp (£160).

Happy swimming 🙂


One to One or Small Groups


A unique opportunity for adults or children to work with us as Olympic swimmers. A fantastic way to enhance your swimming technique, work on individual weaknesses in an environment focused on excellence.

Sessions will be tailor-made to individual needs which will be key for quick progression and swimming success!

Please read through our booking policies and information on the links below.

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