How about an early Christmas present this year! Come and join Swim Swift Elite on our One day swim camp at Welbeck Defense College in Leicestershire on the 20th of December. Learn from two Olympians about the importance of great technique whilst trying some exciting drills, and improve your skills both in and out of the pool. You’ll even get a free Swim Swift Elite swimming cap!

For more information, please look at our ‘Swim Camps’ page, or contact us with any questions. Limited spaces available, book yours now!



We were lucky enough to be invited to work with swimmers and teachers twice this week at Splish Splash swim school in Ashby. We looked at Freestyle with one group, and starts & tumble turns with the other. All swimmers pushed their boundaries to have a go at some new and sometimes difficult skills, but did it with a smile on their face. We also had a short classroom session where swimmers, teachers and parents were told all about our journeys towards the Olympic Games, with the opportunity to ask any questions they had. They heard about the ups and downs of our careers, and how the important thing is to work hard and believe in yourself!

Everyone got the chance to see Commonwealth, European, and World medals.

Our cheeks also got a good workout with plenty of photographs and selfies afterwards! Thank you for having us at Splish Splash, we had a blast!

leicester-sharks swimming club

We recently visited swimmers at Leicester Sharks swimming club, where the focus was on starts from the block, and Freestyle technique. Every swimmer was so attentive and gave it 100% when trying out some new and exciting drills. We even got some parents and coaches involved! Swimmers were encouraged to ask any questions they had about the new drills, as well as asking any questions they had in the classroom. We looked at topics such as how to deal with nerves when racing, to our Olympic story, and we had lots of pictures at the end too. We loved working with everyone who attended, thank you for inviting us to your club.



After qualifying as an ITEC Level 4 Soft Tissue Therapist in April 2015, Amy has landed herself a fantastic position working with the British Para-triathlon team. When away on teams, not only is she working in conjunction with the Physiotherapist as a soft tissue therapist, but is there to generally support the team, and also be a handler for one of the male PT1 athletes during transitions. So far, Amy has attended their European Championships in Geneva, their Paralympic test event in Rio de Janeiro ready for next year, and is due to attend their World Championships in Chicago in September. It’s fantastic to be part of such a friendly, cohesive, and successful team.


We recently visited Orion Swimming Club for the second time. It was great to see everyone again, and work on some new skills too. After chatting with the swimmers, coaches, and parents about our journey towards being Olympians, and overcoming some challenges to get there, we looked at starts from the block, followed by some tough drills for Backstroke starts. orion-swimming-clubEvery swimmer there gave their best effort at these drills and came away with a good understanding of what we are looking for from a Backstroke start. Finally, we finished up by looking at touch turns, and a head to head 25m freestyle race between Joe and 5 of the swimmers!







Warley-WASPS-2 Warley-WASPS-3 Warley-WASPS-4

Our second club visit to Warley Wasps began with a land training session focusing on activation, injury prevention, correct movement patterns and core strengthening. After the swimmers were thoroughly warmed up we headed into the pool to examine Breastroke technique and efficient swimming. We also practised the new rule changes on Breastroke pull outs, and Backstroke to Breastroke medley flip turns. Having completed all this we also ran though drills and skills for Freestyle and some fantastic demonstrations from Amy. It was a hugely enjoyable visit and we can’t wait to see the guys again!


Swim Swift Elite’s 3rd Swim Camp was held at Abingdon School this August and was a huge success, and due to it’s popularity and high demand sold out. Over the two days we focused on how to abingdon-swim-club-3amove efficiently through the water on all four strokes. The swimmers related land training, injury prevention and core activation left a few of our swimmers with a sore core and abs by the morning of day two!

The motivational presentations, sharing of our own stories from beginners to Olympians, race tactics, the importance of land training and nutrition was of great inspiration and value to the swimmers in attendance.

Thank you to all who joined us on our Summer Swim Camp. A lot of effort was put which made it an enormously enjoyable experience for all!

soundwell swimming club

We recently visited swimmers at Soundwell swimming club to work on their starts & turns. Once being allowed back in the pool after a fire alarm, we looked at aspects such as your positioning on the block and how to get the most power out of your start, to the most efficient position to be in on both your touch and tumble turns. Many of the drills were new to the swimmers, however everyone gave them a go and did a great job. We also ran through a land circuit with exercises important for swimmers, and made sure that we were getting some snappy reactions with drills both in and out of the pool.


It was a great experience to team up with professional Triathlete, Olympian and now Ironman, Will Clarke. Together we worked with three Tri Clubs, Hoddesdon, Freedom and Tri-Force to tri-willcombine our skills and knowledge and deliver three different session to the athletes. Race transitions, core strengthening and open water swimming skills. All three clubs met at Welwyn Garden City for this fantastic full days event, learnt lots and had the opportunity during a lengthy Q&A session with the 3 Olympians to gain an insight into their elite level competitive lifestyles.

We hugely enjoyed the experience of working with the senior triathletes and coaching outdoors at Welwyn Garden City Lake!


We visited Severnside Tritons Swimming club on two occasions, each for a full day consisting of 2 swim sessions and a land session. The first week, we worked with a slightly older group of sevensideswimmers, and the second week, the youngsters of the club. It was a great turn out for both sessions, and every swimmer was put through their paces at some point, whether it was during a starts or turns session in the pool, or in the land room.

Everyone thoroughly enjoyed it though, as did we. The sun even came out for us as you can tell by the squinting in our photo!